Driving performance gains in logistics with food supply chain management software.

Food Integrity Solutions


With EyeOnrisk Food Integrity App, one can build a platform of trust between the farmers or manufacturer and the consumers. Since we use blockchain technology to upgrade your supply chain, it can ensure safety and product quality, eliminate fraud and counterfeiting and enhance brand trust.

Food Certification

Food certification Demonstrates the integrity of the ingredient. By leveraging Blockchain technology, food certification confirms the food isallergen-free, Non-GMO, gluten-free, Halal or vegan. It provides an outstanding tool to develop and promote purchaser brand confidence.


When the food journey is mapped precisely from the source of origin to the retail customers, it becomes quite efficient and manageable. A Blockchain-enabled supply chain enhances efficiency, minimises the scope of the fraud, eliminates loss, and ensures the goods in the supply chain is traceable within seconds.
Meet increasing demands for compliance and boost customer and auditor confidence.