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What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management manages the flow of materials, information, and financials within the supply chain..

Why do we need effective supply chain management?

There is no denying the fact that the latest technology supply chains have connected the world's commercial markets and made everything transparent and reliable. However, it is highly complicated to handle, and here comes the importance of supply chain management. Since a supply chain involves multiple parties and their co-operation is a must for the process, maintaining the products authenticity and proper transparency becomes challenging. Only with efficient supply chain management, it is possible to manage the supply chain with efficiency.

The BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report (2018) surveyed 589 professionals across 76 countries. The report revealed outdated SCM practices:
46% rely on Excel spreadsheets
52% experienced supply chain disruption in the last 12 months
62% do not have supply chain visibility

Gain the competitive edge in supply chain management, logistics and blockchain technology.


The three properties of blockchain technology that transform Supply Chain Management are:



Blockchain makes data open/transparent in a way that has not existed previously. Records spread across a large network for all to see is the core of blockchain transparency.



The immutability of the blockchain ensures any data recorded inside the blockchain cannot be changed or tampered with.



Being decentralised in nature, no single entity can control the data stored in the blockchain technology, but they can share the data with the other participants in the network.


In traditional supply chains, competing factors and reliance on paper documentation often leads to non-compliance. In such networks, each participant is able to modify the data which creates vulnerability and risk for all stakeholders.

This means that all transactions are made via third parties, which all have different internal systems based on their own visions and business models.

Supply chains are often complex, and the end-to-end supply is opaque. Managing the reliability of supply chain intermediaries as well as traceability and transparency further compounds this complexity.

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A decentralised supply chain is a management verification system that offers transparency and integrity. This system enhances the trust between stakeholders by leveraging the immutability of the blockchain. By revolutionising supply chain management, organisations can confidently say to multiple stakeholders (manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, governing bodies, and end-users) "what I see is exactly what you see". As a result, businesses experience increased efficiency, reduced costs, supply chain visibility, flexibility, and resilience.

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How we do it

Build Traceability

We reduce risk by creating visibility in the supply chain

Enhance Transparency

Our solution identifies leaks in the distribution network

Develop Resilience

We generate comprehensive reports and performance insights

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Supply chain data can be verified as genuine and correct by all stakeholders. It leads to improved accountability between parties and increased brand trust.
By leveraging blockchain technology combined with sensor technologies (like RFID and IoT), the network participants can experience unparalleled visibility into the most complicated supply chain. Blockchain technology-enabled Smart Contracts automatically creates an agreement among the network participants about the rules for manufacturing, farming and goods transportations.
Businesses can save time and money that is usually lost to supply chain inefficiencies and counterfeit products. Blockchain offers an outstanding return on investment through increasing visibility, removing inefficiencies and minimising fraud.

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