Blockchain Based Supply Chain Solutions


Blockchain Based Supply Chain Solutions

Many cases have come out with miserable results regarding their supply chain solutions that have turned out to be disasters. Today we will pick some of these cases and show you how blockchain-based supply chains can help them overcome these issues. Going through case studies and seeing the impact of blockchain on them, which we will explain below. Let's have a look. 

The Supply Chain of Seafood -

The seafood supply chain has many issues with supply chains, which has created a compromising situation. The difficulties arise from lack of proper storage management, record keeping, irregular updates, fraudulent results, and providence. These problems degrade the quality and security and food safety of the seafood. 

But with blockchain, the whole process builds trust with an advanced and secure management system starting from production to delivery on time with proper tracking and tracing of the transferrable goods that also eliminates fraud. 

The Supply Chain of Coffee- 

As the coffee beans grow in some very specific areas depending on the climate, country, and environment, many workers are involved with coffee production even in remote locations. With the frequent change of price taking place and the production line, it is rife with fraud with many chances arising for tampering with the system and records.

Blockchain provides a transparent platform that allows everything to be tracked and tracked, and the numbers can't be changed because of the inherent design of blockchain software. Any change made can't be deleted, and you can follow the journey and the money the whole way.

 Medicine Supply Chain-

The pharmaceutical supply chain is one of the largest and multination supply chains that exist. Medicine is needed everywhere in the world; many suppliers are involved in this supply chain process that can span across the world. Thus, with many manufacturers connected, a black market does exist, and there are numerous cases of fake brand pharmaceuticals and copied drugs that flood the market. Blockchain technology and software can give genuine benefits to the whole pharmaceutical and medicine supply chain. 

Its unique features, including a digital ledger, GPS tracking system, and Data analytics that track and shows every single record and critical points along the supply chain. With QR codes and blockchain, every batch, bottle, and sale can be recorded and tracked with blockchain software solutions.  Many sectors can benefit from the blockchain-based supply chain, is yours one of them? Decentralised Supply Chain is here to help you find the best solution for you. Contact us today.